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Information use and Intellectual Property

The information provided at Jobbags.com by JobBags shall not be used for any commercial purpose by the User.

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The User commits to use of information at Jobbags.com for personal purposes only within the scope of JobBags' Mission. JobBags does not guarantee and disclaims all responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the information at JobBags. Users are obliged to evaluate and take responsibility for the selection and use of information.

Employment information

Jobs, recruitment information, any other content displayed at Jobbags.com or any links, links leading to jobs, recruitment information, the above content are acknowledged by the User that it is initiated, provided by a third party, including but not limited to Employers, Recruitment Services, Labor Brokering Services, Business Owners, Human Resources Manager, … . Jobbags.com has no obligation to the User if the User reads or uses information posted or provided at Jobbags.com, The User shall be responsible for selecting, reviewing and taking responsibility for signing the Labor Contract or any other similar Agreement with any Third Party.

The employers shall be responsible for complying with Vietnam's regulations on the use of labor, job and bear all responsibility for disclosing information at Job bags.com and signing the agreement with the User or any other third party.

JobBags is not responsible for storing, posting or deleting any information at JobBags, within the scope of its authority as the Owner as well as the extent permitted by law.

Right to use information

The provision and posting of information at Jobbags.com is hereby accepted by the User that it is provided voluntarily by the User and shall relieve JobBags of all liability for any acts of use or posting, displaying, distributing, copying legally and in compliance with Personal Data Protection regulations. Users shall be obliged to store and copy within the permitted scope and shall ensure confidentiality, intellectual property rights as well as legal use of information.

Users acknowledge that JobBags shall be not obliged to bear any responsibility for the use of information at JobBags of Users.

JobBags has no obligation to compensate, whether for direct or indirect damages, related to User's damages when using Jobbags.com and is exempted from any dispute related to or arising from use of Jobbags.com

Users, whether they are Employees or Employers or any third party accessing Jobbags.com, commit to comply with and take absolute and individual responsibility for the provisions of regulation on Protection Of Personal Data at all times.


In case any part or regulation is invalid according to the law, the remaining parts and/or regulations and/or content will still be in effect for the parties.

These contents and regulations are amended, replaced, and deleted by JobBags without prior notice to Users.